Filing Fees


Filing Fees (effective 5/17/2018)

Answer to Civil Complaint $40.00
Answer to Eviction Action Complaint $18.00
Answer to Small Claims Complaint $15.00
Certification of Any Documents $28.00
Civil Complaint $73.00
Copies of Documents
(per page)
Copy of Recorded Hearing/Trial $28.00
Eviction Action Complaint $35.00
Filing Other Documents Where Fee Not Proscribed $28.00
Issuance of Subpoena $28.00
Judgment Debtors Exam $28.00
Notice of Appeal
(for copy of recording)
Renewal of Judgment $28.00
Research Fee $28.00
Service by Mail $8.00
Small Claims Complaint $25.00
(execution, restitution, garnishment)