Juror Information

WARNING: Juror Scams

IDENTITY: Staff from the Jury Commissioner’s Office will never call, e-mail or text you requesting your social security number, credit card numbers or any other sensitive information. We use the U.S. Mail to send jury summons and communicate by telephone only if you initiate the phone call.

FINANCIAL: The public will never be contacted and asked for money with regard to jury duty. Juror scams have now been occurring in Yavapai County. A caller may say that the victim has missed jury duty and a warrant or other sanction is being imposed. Victims are being asked to make a payment to the caller either by check, credit cards, cash cards, etc. Callers may identify themselves as jury staff or law enforcement. If you receive such a call, e-mail or text, PLEASE DISCONNECT THE CALL, DO NOT OPEN THE E-MAIL OR TEXT! DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY!

SUMMONSES: Yavapai County Jury Summonses are mailed to jurors through the U.S. Postal Service. The Jury Office does reply to emails initiated by the juror and may send an email to jurors when telephone attempts are unsuccessful. Jurors who have submitted a Case Information Survey and are judicially excused may be contacted by email if an email address was provided by juror. If an email seems suspicious, do not open it. Opening such emails may allow the sender access to your computers or cell phones. Instead, contact your local law enforcement agency or contact the Jury Office at 928-777-3022 (Prescott) or 928-554-8938 (Camp Verde).

Answering the Call for Jury Duty

Jury trials are considered the backbone of our justice system, yet many people are unprepared when called for duty. Often, it’s because they don’t know what to expect – or what is expected of them. To help you understand about jury service, the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) and the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) developed an “explainer” video titled, “Answering the call for jury duty.”

Case Information Survey

Your case information survey can be found on our Case Information Survey page.

Term of Jury Service

You are on call for up to a one-year period OR until you appear in response to a summons. An average trial lasts from two to five days, but the judge during the jury selection process will give a more accurate estimate of the number of the anticipated trial days. Superior Court jurors are selected from a compiled list of names from Yavapai County voter registration and the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division.

Reporting Instructions

Use the Summons Inquiry to see if the trial is still scheduled. Select the date and judge that is on your summons to see if the trial is still scheduled. If the trial is scheduled to go, then jurors need to appear at the courthouse and room shown on their juror summons. Jurors should pay close attention to whether they are summoned to appear at the Prescott or Camp Verde courthouses. Jurors usually report to the Jury Assembly Room unless it is noted otherwise on the summons or on signs posted outside and inside the courthouse.

Potential Jurors

If you are a resident of Yavapai County registered to vote or in possession of an Arizona driver’s license or identification card, then you could be called to serve jury duty in Yavapai County. Jury duty is a civic responsibility and an honor.

Jury Questionnaire

Juror names are drawn randomly twice a year from lists received from the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division and Yavapai County voter registration. These lists are combined and identifiable duplicate names are removed. Jury Questionnaires are then mailed to those individuals whose names are randomly drawn. The questionnaire is not a summons. All questions on the questionnaire need to be completed as the answers will be used to help qualify you for active jury duty. Please complete and return the questionnaire as soon as possible. You may or may not be called for jury duty in the future.

If you receive a Jury Questionnaire, it can be filled out online using the website noted on the questionnaire. Jury Questionnaire (By clicking on this link you will be leaving the Yavapai County website, and entering a website hosted by another agency.) We encourage all prospective jurors to fill out the questionnaire online as it saves money for all taxpayers.

Qualified Jurors

In Yavapai County, jurors must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and meet all of the following qualifications:

  • Be a United States Citizen
  • Be a Yavapai County resident
  • Never have been convicted of a felony, unless the juror’s civil rights have been restored
  • Not be currently adjudicated mentally incompetent or insane

If you think you may not be qualified to serve as a juror for any reason, please include that information on your Jury Questionnaire.

Failure to Appear

A juror who is summoned and who willfully and without reasonable excuse fails to appear for jury service may be found by the Court to be in contempt and is subject to sanctions provided by law. If you have missed jury duty, please contact the Jury Office.


Jurors who are 75 years or older may opt out of jury service simply for age. These jurors may choose to be temporarily or permanently excused. Jurors who have a medical condition that would make it difficult or impossible for them to participate in jury duty will need to provide the Jury Office with a Medical Excuse Form(PDF, 18KB) completed by their physician, Physician Assistant, RNP or professional caregiver.

If you feel you have a valid reason to be excused from jury duty, call the Jury Office.

Postponement of Jury Service

If you have a reason to have your jury service postponed, contact the Court or Jury Office which summoned you. Please call prior to your appearance date. Contact phone numbers are printed on the summonses.


By statute, jurors are paid the same amount for mileage which is paid to state officers and employees which currently is 62.5 cents per mile. Mileage is to be calculated from your residence to the court.

If you are selected to sit on a trial, you will also receive $12 per diem. In an effort to reduce the financial burden on jurors who serve on trials, the Arizona Legislature established the Arizona Trial and Digital Evidence Fund (ATDEF). The fund is designed to replace unpaid earnings for jurors who serve on a trial if their employers do not pay them while they serve. A trial day is any day a juror is required to report to the courthouse for service. The maximum earnings replacement is $300 per day*. Unemployed and retired jurors can receive supplemental compensation in the amount of $28 per day.

The Deputy Jury Commissioner will provide a Claim Form to sworn jurors who do not receive their full earnings while serving as a juror. The Deputy Jury Commissioner will also explain the supporting documentation that must be returned with the completed form. Jurors requesting earnings replacement under the fund are required to disclose information about their regular earnings and any earnings they continue to receive while serving as a juror.

*The Deputy Jury Commissioner will use this information to determine the amount of reimbursement a juror is eligible to receive from the ATDEF. A juror who does not agree with the Deputy Jury Commissioner's decision can ask to have the decision reviewed by the Presiding Judge.

Supreme Court video explaining jury compensation eligibility - Jury Compensation in Arizona

Security/Prohibited Items

Superior Court of Arizona in Yavapai County Policy on Prohibited Weapons in the Courthouse

The goal of Court Security is to make the Yavapai County Courthouse a safe place for all. Security Staff are responsible for screening of all persons entering the courthouse. This process may involve the use of the magnetometer, hand-held detectors and the seizure of items classified as weapons or potential weapons. The following is a list of items that are considered weapons. Prohibited weapons are not limited to those listed. Security Staff may prohibit any item deemed a danger to courthouse safety.

  • alcohol
  • ammunition
  • ammunition components
    (i.e. primers, caps, powder)
  • audio arms
  • baseball bats
  • batons
  • bicycle chains
  • blackjacks
  • boxcutters
  • brass knuckles
  • bullet clips, magazine
  • butterfly knife
  • chains
  • clubs
  • Co2 canisters
  • cork screws
  • daggers
  • darts
  • firearm(s)
  • fireworks
  • flammable liquids
  • glass
  • gun lighter
  • hammers
  • handcuffs or keys
  • hatchets
  • horseshoes
  • ice picks
  • knitting needles
  • large hat pins
  • lock picks
  • letter opener
  • mace or chemical aerosols
  • martial arts devices
  • meat cleaver
  • metal crochet hooks
  • motorcycle chain
  • nail files (3″ or longer)
  • ninja pins
  • non-medical syringes
  • plastic knuckles
  • railroad spikes
  • razors
  • safety pins
  • scissors
  • skate board/skates
  • spikes
  • spurs
  • stakes
  • straight razors
  • stun-guns
  • swords
  • tear gas
  • throwing stars
  • tools
  • toy pistols
  • hook knife
  • wire
  • Large construction tools, including wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, pliers and other tools not being used for county or courthouse repair.

Additional information on Jury Duty in Arizona (off-site link)