A.R.S. 12-541

Malicious prosecution; false imprisonment; libel or slander; seduction or breach of promise of marriage; breach of employment contract; wrongful termination; liability created by statute; one year limitation

A.R.S. 12-542

Injury to person; injury when death ensues; injury to property; conversion of property; forcible entry and forcible detainer; two year limitation

A.R.S. 12-543

Oral debt; stated or open account; relief on ground of fraud or mistake; three year limitation

A.R.S. 12-544

Bond to convey realty; partnership account; account between merchants; judgment or instrument given or made without the state; four year limitation

A.R.S. 12-548

Contract in writing for debt; six year limitation

A.R.S. 12-550 General limitation Actions other than for recovery of real property for which no limitation is otherwise prescribed shall be brought within four years after the cause of action accrues, and not afterward.
For further information see Arizona Revised Statutes Title 12 , Chapter 5, Article 3.


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