Thank you for visiting the Yavapai County Superior Court’s Courtroom Live page. The criminal and civil Divisions listed below now offer a live audio feed on YouTube. Simply select an option below and you will be directed to that Division’s YouTube page. If “LIVE NOW” appears, click on it to listen to a livestream of that Division’s court proceedings. If “LIVE NOW” appears but there is no audio, the Court is at recess and will resume at a later time. If “LIVE NOW” does not appear, the Court is not in session. You can also review audio from earlier in the day by navigating to earlier times in the video.

Division 1 - Honorable Michael P. McGill 

Division 2 - Honorable John Napper 

Division 3 - Honorable Tina R. Ainley 

Division 4 - Honorable Krista M. Carman 

Division 7 - Honorable Michael R. Bluff 

Division PTA - Honorable Debra R. Phelan 

Division PTB - Honorable Christopher Kottke 

Division SPT - Honorable Thomas K. Kelly 

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