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Plaintiff's Injunction Against Workplace Harassment Packet


Plaintiff's IAWH Packet 

The Injunction Against Workplace Harassment is very similar to the ‘Injunction Against Harassment’.

There are two basic differences between the regular Injunction Against Harassment and the new Workplace Injunction. First, a person may petition for a regular Injunction, whereas a business, or an authorized agent of a business or employee may petition for a Workplace Injunction. Secondly, a regular Injunction protects a person, and follows that person around, whereas a Workplace Injunction protects a place, stays at that place and protects employees, customers, visitors – whoever comes into that place.

Please Note: There is a filing fee to file an Injunction Against Workplace Harassment. Also, a service fee may apply for service of an Injunction Against Workplace Harassment.

If you would like to obtain an Injunction Against Workplace Harassment, please complete the packet above. Please be sure to read all information and complete all forms within packet.

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