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Plaintiff's Injunction Against Harassment Packet


Plaintiff's IAH Packet 

Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute §12-1809, an Injunction against Harassment is to restrain a person from committing acts of harassment. Harassment, as defined by Arizona Revised Statutes §12-1809, is a series of acts over any period of time directed at a specific person that would cause, or has caused, a reasonable person to be seriously alarmed, annoyed or harassed and that serves no legitimate purpose. Harassment includes unlawful picketing, trespassory assembly, unlawful mass assembly, concerted interference with lawful exercise of business activity and engaging in a secondary boycott as defined in §23-1321 and defamation in violation of §23-1325.

Please Note: A service fee may apply for service of an Injunction Against Harassment.

If you would like to obtain an Injunction Against Harassment, please complete the packet above. Please be sure to read all information and complete all forms within packet.

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