If you did not receive a bond/plea envelope from the officer, you must call or write the court and have one mailed to you so that you can respond to the court prior to your appearance date.

Mail-In Fine/Bond Payments: If you are pleading guilty by mail then you must send your fine to the court prior to your appearance date.

If you are pleading NOT guilty then you must send in your bond/plea envelope so marked AND ALSO send a certified check or money order in the amount of the fine as a bond. The court will advise you in writing as to the date and time you must appear for the hearing/trial OR come to court on the appearance date and at the time listed on your citation. If you believe you are not guilty, you should enter a plea of not guilty, and after seeing the judge, you will be given a date for your next court appearance.

Payments may be mailed to the Mayer Justice Court so that they are RECEIVED in our office on or before the appearance date. Failure to pay on the due date will result in the statutory addition of a $20.00 time-payment fee.

If you fail to appear as you indicated you would you may be subject to having the court issue a warrant for your arrest and/or having your license suspended.

Also see: Arraignment

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