If you received a civil traffic citation, you must respond to the court on or before the “Notice to Appear” date shown on the front of the citation. Failure to do so may result in a monetary default judgment(could be sent to collections or be subject to a tax interception), and a late payment fee.

Your citation has a notation that indicates it is either civil or criminal. If you received a criminal citation click here for information regarding your criminal traffic charge(s).


There are four different options for responding to a civil traffic citation. The date on the citation is the date you must notify the court of your choice by OR you need to appear.

  • OPTION ONE: Diversion of Charge

Please see our Defensive Driving School page for information on this option.

  • OPTION TWO: Deny Responsibility and Request a Hearing

You may request a hearing by:

Completing and mailing or emailing the Civil Traffic Plea  form to the court. Be sure to check the box “I deny responsibility”

  • You will be notified by mail of your assigned hearing date.
  • You must appear on that date and be ready to present evidence and examine witnesses.
  • If the defendant fails to appear, a judgment of responsible will be entered.
  • OPTION THREE: Pay the Fine

You may admit responsibility by paying the fine and are not required to appear in court.  To know the amount of the fine click here . For information on payment methods or how to request a time payment arrangement click here.

  • OPTION FOUR: Request a dismissal of the charge or reduction in penalty.

If your charge is eligible you may request the court to dismiss your charge or reduce penalty.  You must complete the Civil Traffic Plea form and submit supporting documentation seven (7) prior to your appearance date on the citation.  If your request is not granted, you are still responsible for taking other action on or before your appearance date.



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