Can I go to Driving School instead of paying my tickets?

That may be a possibility. Please find more information on the Defensive Driving School Option page.

How can I file a Civil Case?

Please read the instructions for Civil Cases.

How can I get married in Yavapai County?

You must first get a marriage license available in any Superior Court in the state. You may call this Justice Court to arrange a ceremony.

How can I pay my fine or ticket?

Please see our Pay Fines page.

How do I file a Small Claims Case?

Please read the instructions for Small Claims.

I have a Judgment, but the debtor won’t pay me. What can I do?

Please read the information we offer on Collecting Your Judgment. You may need to seek the advise of an attorney.

I have a subpoena to serve on someone. Can my sister do that for me?

She may be able to. Please see the information on subpoenas for more information.

I have a summons and complaint to serve on someone. Can my sister do that for me?

No, a Small Claims Summons & Complaint may be served by certified mail, but other summons and complaints must be served by the Constable or a Private Process Server.

What is “proof of insurance?”

Proof is documentation from your insurance company that says you were insured on the date and time of citation, insurance cards are not proof

What’s the difference between Small Claims and a regular Civil lawsuit?

The judgment in Small Claims cannot exceed $3,500.00, the judgment is not appealable and you cannot have an attorney. The judgment in a regular Civil case cannot exceed $10,00.00, the judgment is appealable and you may, but do not have to, have an attorney represent you.


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